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How is calling for women much more expansive than society's expectations?

Learn how men & women can thrive together in the workplace.

Learn how your work is central to God’s plan.

Learn a biblical perspective on what it means to be “called” by God.

Learn about why work matters to God and, as a result, how to find a renewed sense of purpose in your work.


All Christians are engaged in God's work, not merely Christians working in ministry. This lecture was given as part of the Gospel & Culture Lecture series featuring Dr. Timothy Keller.

Many people today see their job as nothing more than a paycheck. But is one's calling more than that? Steven Garber says yes.

How does the Biblical story and a deep understanding of the gospel give us the resources to persevere, the winsomeness to witness, the character to be just, and the calling to make a difference? Katherine Leary Alsdorf speaks at the Faith@Work Summit 2014.