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Bridging the gap between college and career through mentorships that nurture and grow Christian employees.

Shelter 91 is a mentoring program that links Christian professors and employees with college students to help bridge their Christian college life to the real world. Our goal is to help new college graduates stand firm as Christians both in college and in the workplace.

The objectives of Shelter 91 are to:

  • Support Christian college students by designating faculty and staff as Christians.
  • Identify college faculty and staff, as well as local employees, who are knowledgeable about issues faced by Christian students and new student employees.
  • Equip mentors with the resources to assist college students facing Christian issues and concerns in school and the workforce.
  • Identify mentors by a Shelter 91 emblem located outside their office door and possibly in their email signature.
  • Help faculty, staff, and local employees provide supportive services necessary to ensure that Christian students may walk boldly and stand firmly in their faith in college life and as an employee. 

Anyone interested in Shelter 91 is encouraged to contact:

Susan Millican, EdS, NBCT

UTC Adjunct Professor or

423-401-8916 or 770-310-2744


John Trussel, Ph.D., CPA

UTC Associate Professor


You can also follow the group's work on