The Chattanooga Faith + Work Fellowship

The CF+W Fellowship Program, a Gotham Faith and Work program, is an intensive, extended educational experience originally developed by the Center for Faith & Work in New York City. The Gotham fellows program is now available here through the Chattanooga Institute for Faith and Work (CIFW).

The Fellowship is intended for individuals who are serious about understanding their calling in the marketplace and in the work of the scattered church.

“The CF+W Fellowship has been tremendously helpful in furthering a biblical view of work and deepening my interest in the way my work serves and engages others. The program provides weekly opportunity for encouragement as I connect with other believers, hearing about their own professional experiences and what joys and struggles they have. Best of all, the Fellowship has increased my love for our Lord, His word, His world, and His people.”

— Dan Wykoff, CFO, Branch Technology


Gospel-Centered Theological Training: At the core of our program is the commitment to consider how the gospel impacts every area of life. We develop a worldview that draws from the deep resources of the Reformed tradition but will be facilitated in an intentionally ecumenical way. It is sufficiently robust to engage the diverse and complex culture of Chattanooga.

Spiritual and Personal Development: The program fosters personal, spiritual, and professional development through daily devotions, intense study, and relationships with facilitators and mentors.

Community Formation: It provides a community of peers, from diverse backgrounds and vocations, who are committed to each others' spiritual growth and calling to serve the common good of the city through a renewed integration of faith and work.


The CF+W Fellowship is a nine-month program (similar to an Executive Education program) for mid- to high-level leaders who are employed full-time in Chattanooga and have three to 30 years of working experience. Our classes are targeted to be fifty percent men and fifty percent women between the ages of 25 and 65 working in various fields including law, music, education, government, nonprofit, design, medicine, and small businesses. Participants in the program should have at least 3 years of work experience in any industry. The Fellowship uses diverse pedagogical methods to create a learning community of committed leaders with a passion for cultural renewal:

  • An integrated curriculum on theology, worldview, and faith and work

  • Prominent guest lecturers

  • Group discussions and collaborative learning

  • Guided devotional and spiritual formation

  • Relationships with seasoned Christians active in the various spheres in the marketplace

  • Cultural and artistic events in the Chattanooga area

“The CF+W Fellowship is focused on transforming your whole person through a deep knowledge of God’s story of redemption. Through guided devotions, profound readings, group discussion, and personal spiritual formation, the Fellowship shifts your worldview to grasp our God’s perfect plan to restore every aspect of His vast creation — not only each person’s soul but every business, career, and community. Your heart’s desires will align with His to transform your workplace and make your career a testimony to His glory and goodness.”

— Jessica Bianco, DVM, Dalton Animal Care & Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals


The Program runs from August through May. During these nine months the Participants meet two hours a week to discuss the extensive weekly reading of major texts from various eras of church history. Daily devotionals unite the group through guided scriptural and devotional readings. Occasional monthly Saturday gatherings provide in-depth training and city excursions. Three retreats (weekends in August, mid-winter, and May) focus on personal reflection and spiritual formation.

Tuition cost for the 2019-20 year is $900.

Applications for the 2019-2020 year will be accepted starting March 1 for cohorts beginning the following August. Priority admission will be given to applications who apply by May 30. Applications will accepted on a rolling basis after May 30 for the remaining spaces.

Participants will be selected by an admissions committee from applicants who best demonstrate:

  1. Commitment to Chattanooga

  2. Desire to grow spiritually

  3. Ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the program

  4. Leadership potential

Benefits to the Participant

  • Establish solid theological foundations from teachings, readings, and group discussions.

  • Cultivate spiritual disciplines and Biblical reflection through guided daily devotionals.

  • Reflect and converse about real-life experiences of living and working in Chattanooga.

  • Build strong relationships within the Program and across Chattanooga Christian community.

  • Increase Gospel worldview depth and sustainability.

  • Develop a defined sense of mission for your career.

  • Developing a strategy for cultural renewal.

  • Learn from experienced Christian leaders.

  • Gain exposure to the arts, cultural events, and mercy/justice outreach.

  • Develop relationships with participants, mentors, and speakers.