The View From Under The Bus

The workplace is often described in aggressive terms.  It’s dog-eat-dog.  It’s eat what you kill.  It’s a place where you get stabbed in the back and thrown under the bus.

Fun times.

Such terms persist because they are grounded in reality. Work is a place where people keep score, and no one wants to lose.  Because there are evaluations, incentive pay, quality controls, sales quotas, and performance measures, the temptation to yield to the dark side of human nature wins out sometimes.  One of the most pervasive tactics is to tear others down to make ourselves look and feel better.

How does a Christ-follower deal with it all?  Thankfully, we have all the coping skills we need.  You can review them all in a 10-minute read of The Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew 5 through 7.

“Blessed are the peacemakers”

Be one whose first response is to seek peace with others.  If someone offends you, resist the urge to retaliate or escalate the fight. 

“Let your light shine before others, so they may see your good works”

Let your actions speak for you.  Your character, your restraint, your love for others will overwhelm the mere words of an adversary.

“Be reconciled”

If you’ve done anything wrong to contribute to the mess, address it quickly.  Ask forgiveness.  Right the wrong.   Restore the relationship as best you can.

“Turn the other cheek”

If you’ve done nothing wrong, God knows that. Have the courage to go the extra mile.  Not because the other person deserves it, but because God does.  It is Him you are serving.

“Love your enemies.”

It’s easy to love those who love you.  It’s hard to love the stinkers.  But Christ shows us how.


Humans make fundamentally human mistakes.  Sinful people sin.  Why do expect differently from them?  Forgive, as Christ has forgiven us.

“Don’t be anxious”

Your heavenly Father knows what you need, even before you ask.  He knows you need your job.  He knows you are working toward that goal, that bonus, that promotion.  Seek the godly things first, and the rest of it will work out ok.

“What you wish others to do for you, do for them”

It’s the golden rule.  It’s truth is as old as creation itself.  Treat others as you want them to treat you.  It works again and again and again.