Restoring connections between vocation and belief.


The mission of Chattanooga Institute for Faith and Work is to engage women and men to live more fully with Christ through all of life, to bear witness to the gospel in all of culture, and to serve the needs of the world through their day-to-day work.


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CIFW Goals:


Glorify God, Not Work

Advance a practical, Biblical, theology of work that glorifies God in work, rather than glorifying work itself.



Engage Christians

Engage Christians to connect their vocations with eternal principles and the needs of the world around them.

Make An Impact

Make a positive impact on the city of Chattanooga through the power of the scattered church applying what we believe to what we do.

Stimulate Inquiry

Stimulate inquiry and understanding among non-Christians and nominal Christians about the reality of God’s call on their lives.



“Any work that is moral is pleasing to God.”

L. CLARK TAYLOR  |  Co-Founder